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Z-show is a team of professionals gathered to create exclusive show programs for events of all types and sizes. Z-show includes dancers, actors, models, choreographers, directors, and even stunt actors, everyone of those has years of experience both in their professional field and in event industry in Czech Republic and EU. We never stop and are constantly monitoring all new trends of event market to create best public performance in Prague!
Z-show provides you with best opportunity to enrich your event with actions that has no analogues in Czech Republic: fireshow, pyrotechnical show and fireworks, wedding show, table ladies and many others.
We took part in Česko Slovensko Má Talent - 2015
Our Light Gymnastic Show got a prize as The Best Offer at Czech Event Markettrendevent

Z-show: we give people high spirits! Our team:

Svetlana Zabolotnaya, founder,CEO

founded Prague company Z-show in 2011. At present time functions as art-director, chief theater director and choreographer. She was keen on modern gymnastics ever since she was little, later joining several modern dancing groups. After graduating Department of Physics and Mathematics she practiced a profession of business analyst in banking industry. But meeting Fire Theater “Ferjulian show” in Moscow was a landmark that turned her life around a full 180-degrees making her dedicate life to the art of dancing full of light and fire. Svetlana completed training in Modern Jazz in France. In year 2010 she acquired pyrotechnical license. Her favorite pastime is travelling.

“Do what you really love, turn your hobbies into your job and enjoy life full of bright colors and utter satisfaction!”

Daniil Zabolotnyy, Co-founder, technical director

Co-founder In 2011, got pyrotechnical license and started working on all aspects of fireshow and fireworks for Z-Show. Now he is a Chief Technical Officer and takes part in developing new effects and investigates new ways of creating the best pyrotechnical show in Europe.

Regina Gayfullina, Show-manager, assistant choreographer, artist, model

I have loved dancing for as long as I remember. I first went to the dance class when I was five, though profound interest in dance as an art I felt three years later and I never stopped dancing ever since. I’d tried various styles until I found one after my own heart: I started Pole Dance and it lends me wings. Pole dance is not only my hobby, I regularly take part in exhibition performances and get the highest points in various competitions. I joined Z-show team by chance and I thank my lucky stars for this opportunity. Working with the team means a lot to me, it gives me constant development, food for imagination and creativity beyond barriers. Every performance we turn impossible and unbelievable into reality. I love my job, the homely atmosphere, chances for personal fulfillment and companionship.

David Lutskyj, chief pyrotechnician
Since I was a little kid, I was fond of warfare, military vehicles and ammunition. My dad used to take me to shooting range and teach me how to handle weapons. My passion didn’t pass away with time. Moreover I joined the historical club where we study the World War I, II and Napoleon wars, historical ammunition, military vehicles and garments of those days. Pyrotechnics and experiments in chemistry kindled my interest from school days. By chance I met people who were seriously engaged in this business and their example inspired me to take a course in Pyrotechnics and Fireworks which allowed me to perform fire shows in a professional manner. One of the main reasons I love what I do – it gives me bursts of adrenaline and brings joy to people. Watching happy faces of my spectators cheers me up.

Vladyslav Čekanov, fakir, artist ...
was born in a circus family and inherited the secrets of his craft from his parents. Being only two and and a half years old he could already walk across broken glass! He spent 9 years in Israel developing his talent and reaching perfection in his art. Since fourteen, he had been performing on the stage in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany until finally chose Czech republic to settle down. And here he came into line with Z-show. Thanks to Svetlana Zabolotnaya, founder of Z-show, he raised the bar of his craft to the unbelievable level!

Ludmila Semelová, artist and model
I study in Czech Agricultural University in Prague. For more than fifteen years I have been doing modern gymnastics and acrobatics. In 2007 I got home Czech junior championship in gymnastics in individual and team categories and consider that my biggest success so far. In year 2008 I won the juniors Olympics in Tabor. I also took part in European championship in 2010. Dance is my desire, the only thing I would never barter away. Joining Z-show team gives me a chance to keep dancing and fulfill my soul. Dance helps me in life: enhances my mood, distracts me from problems and gloomy thoughts. Dance makes me feel in element and makes me happy.

Anna Rájecká, artist and model
I was born in Prague and since I was four I do modern gymnastics. My biggest success in sport is being a repeated winner of Czech championship in modern gymnastics. In 2014 I represented Czech Republic in world tournaments in gymnastics as well as in the European Championship in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Being with Z-show inspires me and gives me an opportunity to express myself in dance.

Alina Sutulová, artist and model
All my childhood I was a part of a great dancing team, taking part in various competitions, performing in every city and state events. Though out group danced primarily ballet, our choreographer ingeniously added shades of all possible dancing styles from jazz-modern even to yoga! I was also very interested in fashion and was modelling on catwalks and photoshoots multiple times. I joined Z-show team almost a year and a half ago and have enjoyed every minute being a part of this great team! Fire and light shows, different gorgeous events and celebrations… It all has become an essential part of my life.

Chigovanina Valeriya, artist and model
I am an economist by vocation but dance is my avocation. Modelling is my passion too. I have been dancing from an early age, first in Russia, rock’n’roll and boogie-woogie, then I picked up classic choreography and contemporary dance and last three years I devoted to pole dance. I took part Czech Pole dance Championship 2012 as an amateur and in August 2015 I participate in Pole Art competition. Since 2014 I am a part of Z-show project and I am delighted to work with other pros and fascinated by the warm welcome we always get from our spectators. I feel on top of the world when we help people make their celebrations memorable.

Kristyna Kaufmannová, artist and model
I was born in Prague, studied in the capital finest dancing school under the leadership of its director Jaroslav Slavicky. In 2000 joined the troupe of National Moravian-Silesian Theatre for one year. In 2009 took part in the 3rd International Dancing competition in Brno. Nowadays I teach children rhythmics and dancing. I really enjoy working with Z-show, it’s great experience that helps me evolve and learn something new. Our group is the one with no parallels and hope it stays so further on.

Alina Leonova, model, singer
All my life I go hand-in-hand with everything to do with arts. I performed various types of dance, from classical dance to hip-hop and house (with B-Original team). Now I mostly perform Pole dance and compete in different battles. Moreover I successfully completed a course in modelling and filmed in a bit part in Roots in Ego movie. I study Political science and internetional relations in CEVRO Institute and devote my free time to journalism. I am a part of Z-show team because our perfomance, weaved with fire, dance and beaty make people believe in magic of art!