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Wedding pyro show

Wedding is a bright and long-hoped-for day in your life. Everything must be beyond reproach, top-notch and just lovely…

But what’s more challenging is to wrap-up your celebration in a way for all to remember!

We offer you to beautify the end of your celebration with a path of glimmering fountains, a burning heart aflame or even fireworks!

Your guests will be full of rapture and tenderness and newly-weds will get unremarkable photo shoot-to-remember with a burning heart and glimmering fountains in the background. You can add the burning heart with any other additional special effects up to your liking.

Pyro show for birthday party Your friend or a loved one has a birthday party? You want to throw a surprise? Let’s emblaze your friend’s/ loved one’s name or age together!

You can order burning, glimmering, sparkling letters, phrases, figures and decorate them with additional special effects!

Pyro show for corporate events

We suggest non-trivial ending of your corporate event – emblazing of your company’s corporate logo!

Burning logo can be added by fireworks or any pyro effects to your wish.

Price for one logo starts with 3000 CZK (varies according to the size and complicacy of the order).

The end price comprises both the logo price and the price of chosen additions:

Minimum price is 5 900 CZK.

Order show program:

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