This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

― Henry David Thoreau

«Living statues»

“Living statues” is incredibly versatile genre. In collaboration with professional artists any design can be brought to reality, reflecting an event theme, a company's philosophy or a brand. Visually captivating acts looks perfect at an event entrance, offering your guests a warm welcome. Their visually captivating look also present a perfect photo opportunity for guests, ensuring your event or brand a special attention at the social media. Previous clients: Partners (living statues, reflecting brand values and philosophy, made for the brand’s 10-years anniversary at Prague Castle), Abbvie (living “Oscars” statues, decorating stage at an award ceremony), wedding agencies (antique-inspired wedding statues decoration)

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«Brand pyromusical show»

Let’s make your corporate party an event everybody will talk about! A key aspect of a successful corporate event is to connect your brand with positive emotions. We offer to add an impressive touch to your gala, a product launch, a corporate party or a business training with a bespoke pyromusical display based on a company logo!


Without any doubts a breathtaking fireworks display belongs to the most popular ways to add a touch of brilliance to any occasion and bring joy to guests of all ages. Especially suitable for New Years Eve’s, corporate celebrations, award ceremonies and weddings, an amazing fireworks display is a easy and proven way to boast the perfect finale to your event...

«Butterflies of paradise»

One of the most beautiful Light & dance act from our portfolio has already amazed the audience of many different stages, events and countries with its visually stunning butterflies-like perfomers, illuminated by 3000-4500 colorful LED points. Eye-catching burst of UV colors, combined with LED illumination, music and elegant dance routine deliver a perfect stage act, ready to send any audience into a frenzied applause...

«Light Dreams»

Light Dreams" was inspired by eternal beauty of ballet performers. We illuminated "Giselle" ballet dresses with hundreds of starry lights and completed the act with large luminous LED fans and graceful choreography...


This incredibly versatile show is a perfect choice for any occasion, requiring a dynamic, elegant and impactful show act. It’s secret is the maximum of illumination, white minimalistic design and polished dance routine, accompanied by by large LED fans and wonderful music.

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